I had an energy healing session with Ashley recently. I had only met her once before and knew nothing really about her other than the beauty I saw on her heart was something I wanted. During our session I didn’t mention the biggest reason I was there because I actually forgot, didn’t take her long before she picked up on it and cleared the energy of it off of me. I was very impressed and left her feeling lighter, motivated, supported and loved. I highly recommend her services! Even if there’s just a slight pull toward her follow it I promise you will not be disappointed.
Sincerely, with all my love,
~ Jacque

I was grateful to receive an energy healing ceremony with Ashley Sun.
I appreciated that she takes the time to connect with you before performing her services.
She treats every individual uniquely and not just another client.
I left with way more value than I thought I would get from her session.
If you are looking to heal and enhance your life, I definitely would have Ashley in your circle of healers/people to surround yourself with to take you to the next level.
~ Ann

Ashley is my favorite yoga instructor ever! She has a fantastically balanced flow and a gentle yet motivating style. I highly recommend her to every human being!
~ Dwight

Beautiful and very knowledgeable yoga and meditation teacher! Her smile is contagious!
~ Corina