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Community event fueled by creativity and wellness. Join us for evening of yoga, workshop, and dance. Fresh juice included.

Wear your inspired attire.


More about Rhythms & Rejuvenation
This is a sober gathering for people to show up, move, relax, and connect. Be inspired. Be vulnerable. Embrace creative expression. Nourish your body-heart-mind-soul-spirit. Learn in a safe space. Embody. Ground. Renew & Empower. Co-Create.
Together we look forward to sharing with you an experience that leaves us all inspired and refreshed. Thank you for allowing us to serve you – meet the people bringing you Rhythms & Rejuvenation…

Yoga w. Kenneth Iacoviello
Ken is an inspiring yoga teacher who recently moved to Las Vegas from New York City. He has practiced various styles of yoga and meditation and recently completed his 200hr RYT at HIBS Yoga in Henderson, Nevada. Ken’s teaching style is rooted in the principles of Forrest Yoga which offers a slower paced, therapeutic approach to practicing yoga. His classes are intelligently sequenced to help students work with injuries and experience a struggle free practice. He has a background in Behavior Analysis and has taught students with disabilities one to one and in-group settings for over eight years. Ken is confident in his ability to teach to his students and expressing his passion and dedication to the practice of yoga. Check out more of Ken’s offerings here: Jedi Simba Designs

Truth in Expression, a vulnerability workshop
Britt Lynn and Curtis (aka Pseudosimian) are happy to present, inTension, an immersive experience intended to awaken connection to Self through thought, music and movement.

Britt, of Britt Lynn Yoga, is a lover of spiritual practice and devoted to personal development. A curious & communicative Taurus/Gemini Sun, she has come to know that through strengthening intuition and gaining clarity in ancient wisdom and systems, each of us holds the keys to our own expansion and internal liberation. Britt specializes in teaching prenatal yoga, and currently facilitates moon ceremony, and Sacred Sound workshops that awaken the Divine Feminine within through vocal expression.

Ecstatic Dance w. Sat Amrit Kaur
Sat Amrit Kaur, also known as Ashley Sun, is a passionate yogini, creative spirit, and humanitarian. Her life’s mission is devoted to discovering and sharing healing arts. She facilitates community gatherings that offer a safe space for people to connect with their truest creative expression. Whether it be women’s circles, art circles, ecstatic dance, Kundalini Yoga, or ceremony, Sat Amrit focuses on integrating all parts of our total experience – the physical and spiritual, feminine and masculine, compassion and discipline, messiness and focused purpose. Sat Amrit carries the medicine of vulnerability and stillness; her prayer is for all beings to know their healthiest and happiest self for betterment of the collective conscious and Mother Earth.
Sat Amrit is native to the deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada and presently resides at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in Espanola, New Mexico. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, is a 220-hour certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, and has received numerous participant certificates including Reiki, Kundalini Yoga Therapy, and Super-Health, yogic science to break addictive behaviors and habits. Currently Sat Amrit is studying and practicing the teachings of womb wisdom and movement/ dance therapy.

Music curated by Pseudosimian

Much love to Juicy Beets and MNTRA family for sharing their sacred space with us.

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See you on the dance floor.

Upon the Sagittarius New Moon, the last new moon of 2017, we gathered as a tribe to hold sacred space for hundreds of prayers to be offered to the fire and manifested unto the ethers. This was a collective effort to inspire awareness and the power of prayer. No matter where we are in the world, no matter the cause, no matter your race, class, religion, gender, etc., we always have the opportunity to send positive intention and loving vibrations out. It is our small act that creates massive waves of change.

For more of our story watch the Facebook Video and check out the photos below.

Sacred Sounds: Kundalini Yoga & Mantra is an experiential evening of Divine frequency where you will be immersed in the Naad, a process of harmonizing our Finite and Infinite. This workshop is intended to be an exploration of sensuality and sound using different tools including art, elements (earth, air, fire, water), instruments, and meditation. RSVP here
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