Notes on the Practice of Letting Go, Infinite & finite, and True Sacrifice

Is it safe to say that 2018 has certainly made itself known? January was telling that this is no year to mess around. I think of the phrase my mother has shared with me: Life is no dress rehearsal. And thus, we are to make the most of every moment. With this in mind, we … More Notes on the Practice of Letting Go, Infinite & finite, and True Sacrifice

The Gift of Mystery

A great teacher for me lately has been uncertainty, mystery, the unknown… As the universe wills, there are often signs or synchronicity that point to the lesson at hand. We are fortunate if we catch on. I recently heard that 70 percent of our experience exists within the nameless time and space. Consider how frequently … More The Gift of Mystery

How [NOT] to Fit In

I recently celebrated my 28th birthday. That’s four complete cycles of consciousness and supposedly my taste buds have changed. No doubt, I sense change in my physiology. There is a different tone of maturity, an awareness that wants to be serious, and yet it is the very inspiration that is encouraging me to do quite … More How [NOT] to Fit In

Nature’s Balance: Sahej & Tapa, Heart & Mind

Spirit, Guru, God, Source, whatever the title, comes in infinite number of creative expressions. Whether I am practicing yoga, Sikhism, a native American ritual, or my own intuitive guidance, the most vital element is my own personal connection to “that“— Sat Nam, true essence. The magnificence lies within our potential to express our loving devotion. … More Nature’s Balance: Sahej & Tapa, Heart & Mind

‘Contemporary Expressionist Artist’ in Service to Guru

7.15.17 The Teahouse, Sante Fe, NM I made a commitment to myself. And while I remain hopeful and true to my word, I am amidst agony — although using a word like agony seems rather dramatic, it does depict the grit of the experience. Amrit Vela, a sacred and translucent time of day that happens … More ‘Contemporary Expressionist Artist’ in Service to Guru

Excerpts from “Ego, Guru, Guide”

The coming Full Moon we celebrate Guru Purnima, a time of reverence, honoring the tradition of Guru/ disciple, and all our spiritual teachers, gurus, and masters. In celebration, some words from Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga: Excerpts from “Ego, Guru, Guide,” Kundalini Quarterly, Summer Solstice 1976 Bicentennial Issue “Whenever you forget that you have … More Excerpts from “Ego, Guru, Guide”