Throughout the conscious exploration and experiential journey of this life, thus far, there has existed two constants I recognize with confidence.

The first, an undying love. If there is anything I know for certain about myself, it is: I love. Its simple, raw, and totally consuming. It comes from a deep space within my soul being. It is one that connects me to all of creation without doubt. And while there is a distinction between liking and loving, this love surpasses all lustful feelings and thoughts. It is Infinite and unbound, a depth that I continue to dive deeper into only to realize more of my self. This intimate and sweetly surprising cultivation of relationship is what allows for me to share with the world the vital understanding and integration of love. 

The second, change. While change can be scary and dig up a lot of old karma or trauma that we sometimes unconsciously hold on to, it is inevitable; and thus, the sooner we can learn to appreciate and embrace it, the sooner we can connect to our natural flow and serve our purpose or dharma. Trust me, there is stubborn in all of us and it is natural that we hesitate towards moving into an unknown space or territory. Yet, waiting for us on the other side is our liberation and empowerment. There has existed within me this understanding that motivates and pushes me into those most uncomfortable situations only, again, to realize more of who I am. I advocate for this fearlessness and courage because it lies within every person, an infinite power that we simply have not tapped into. It is possible and I am here to inspire that transformation.

Ashley Sun Yoga is a dynamic and integrative approach that supports our best and highest self.

The blend of ancient knowledge and our divine innovative nature instills a philosophy that nourishes our multifaceted, most magnificent, and expansive sense of self. We are free to cultivate the deepest acceptance and appreciation for life.

By first acknowledging we are more than our body and mind, we can identify with our true and eternal nature, our soul. We can learn of habits that no longer serve of us and implement new perspective and action that is in total alignment with our prosperity. Throughout this journey, we cultivate compassion and discipline, two vital aspects of our well-being. In this way, we reclaim our role as divine creators of our life’s reality, we feel a greater sense of ease, happiness and natural flow.

From a broader context we develop an intimate relationship with all of creation, we experience the real meaning of Oneness, and attune to pure love, a self-sustaining resonance.

Basic understanding for graceful integration is rooted in the teachings and principles of:

  1. Yoga and Meditation, specifically Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan;
  2. Identifying the capacity of subtle energy within and around us;
  3. Embracing complete creative self expression.

Ashley Sun Yoga recognizes that we are all uniquely individual. It is important to find what works for you. Simply, the vision serves to guide you on your path towards self-realization and God-consciousness. There are no answers to your questions. Together, we  utilize the tool of awareness, invite acceptance and allow for the unfolding of experience, naturally. In doing so, you live your happiest and healthiest life.