Water Story

In the memory of these water molecules, miracles and messages take shape, transform, and transcend mere physicality unto Infinity.

Beloved water, your magnificence is the crimson color that paints the body alive. You are rich and sensual, the most precious sacrament in the Queendom.

Oh selfless being, may we learn to give as you do.

Your rain showers are the antidote to soothe our worldly worries. Your prisms teach us to embody color and creativity.

You are the translucent beauty in the morning’s dew; and the evening’s exhale as she draws her bath.

You are the stillness. You are the chaos.

Liberated atop mountains or infected with poisons, we pray for you water.

Abundant and flowing, droughtful and dehydrated, we pray for you water.

You are the reason we dance, the inspiration that moves through us, the rhythm in our songs and counselor of our communications.

You are the shadows of the moon and the sapphire diamonds of the sun.

You are the storm that swells onto lands and in our hearts; stripping and purifying what we once thought was true. You remind of us in the clouds that none is permanent; we are visitors blessed to be swimming across your oceans.

We bathe in your shades of blue. Solo, alone and silent with the candles lit; or together, naked and natural, we commune in your springs.

You have washed me clean more than once – born again as a crystalline being. Each time your wisdom awakens me to the unspoken truth, the essential knowing that I am.

I breathe and pause before sipping the life-giving prana that you are.  I relish in your traditions and rituals, as a people may we always remember, celebrate and praise you.

Oh Divine, from you all is royal – the single droplet that sweetens the hummingbird’s flight, to the crashing waves which carve new shapes in the stones.

I love you as the tears that heal my hurts and sadness; as well as the sweat that expels my darkness.

You are the familiar sound and comfort, the vibration of mother’s heart as I lay in her womb.

You are the rumbling beneath the seas surface, and the silk upon the whales skin.

At a young age, you encouraged us to be playful and fearless, to run through the sprinklers, splash in your pools, and jump into the deep end. You’ve kept your promise and catch us every time.

I cherish the way your salty air curls my hair, and the dazzling sunsets that perfectly reflect how unforgettable you are.

You are the reason my Dad calls at the Full Moon, the passion of my sister, and the laughter in my brother.

You are the conversation amongst women – granting us permission to feel, to embrace our sensitivities, relax and listen to the quiet pull.

We vow to carry you home.

Fooled by your mirage, some have forgotten you.

Collective unconscious we have come to experience, so we may remember you.

So we may remember ourselves.

You are the total expression, the amrit, the essence… the form and formless, seen and unseen, the flow and let go.

You are the source of Earth’s creations, the very sculptor who gave curves to this temple body.

You are the source of all our relations, and the stream of consciousness that unites generations.

We bow to you.

Thank you water.

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