An Immersion for Creatives & Intuitives

Learn how to trust yourself and share your gifts!

You’re invited to an open space, participant-driven process that focuses on empowering you to share your gifts & see your passion manifest.

Step One – Get Clear

Lets talk… Join me for a complimentary 30-minute Skype date. Together we’ll identify your creative blocks or limiting beliefs, and then brainstorm a strategy to unlock your potential and creative flow. I will support you throughout the process and share some tips and tools that have worked for me.

Text 702-884-8671 to set up your date. 

Step Two – Commit – Choose the option best for you

Get Your Toes Wet: 3-Week Immersion, $255 (or 3 payments of $85)

The Deep Dive: 6-Week Immersion, $510 (or 6 payments of $85)

Each of the immersions will follow the same process of cultivating Foundation, Relaxation, and Expression. 

Foundation – Cultivate Discipline

The first step to ground your creativity is cultivate a healthy discipline. It’s understandable you may be initially resistant to “discipline” – you want to be free, do and feel as you please! However, the reality is that as a human and creature of habit, you function best with routine. As a creative or intuitive, there is a point on your path when you realize the importance of discipline to improve your skill. Thus, a daily practice is essential. It is the very foundation that you move and create from. Discipline doesn’t have to be a daunting experience, although it may be challenging or seem practically impossible at first. The goal is to keep it simple – this is key! No overwhelm here. Your foundation is about making a commitment to yourself, and to your craft. Carving out time everyday gives you the caliber to show up for what it is that you are ready to share.

When you cultivate discipline you:
  • prioritize your creativity and self care
  • develop sensitivity to your needs learning when to rest and relax
  • be better at time management
  • establish steadiness in all aspects of your life
In support of your discipline, you will be given:
  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation exercises
  • Daily journaling prompts
Relaxation – Cultivate Compassion

It is no secret you are living in a rapidly fast pace culture with lots of stimulation and distraction. You have every responsibility to consider, let alone time for yourself! So how do you create balance amidst your day job, passion, and downtime? Can you remember the last time you actually relaxed? Learning to cultivate relaxation is a vital priority in maintaining a balanced wellbeing. In order to relax you must be open to doing less and shift your focus to being present with what is. This is a practice of allowing, which naturally invokes compassion. You become more accepting of others, the world around you, and most importantly yourself.

When you cultivate compassion you:
  • learn to manage your stress
  • embrace your mistakes and failures
  • recognize negative self-talk
  • practice an attitude of gratitude
  • listen to your intuition
In support of your compassion, you will be given:
  • simple breathing exercises
  • intuitive healing techniques
  • deep relaxation rituals
Expression – Cultivate Communication

You are always participating in some form of communication whether it be verbal, nonverbal, or neither. Taking ownership of how you communicate is a simple approach to becoming more aware of yourself and how you are choosing to share with the world. You have the power to manifest the life you want to be living. Cultivating communication empowers you to do just that! It is a deepening relationship with yourself and a refining of your personal expression. When you know yourself, you share your passion and gift with confidence. 

When you cultivate expression you:
  • prosper!
  • communicate from your naval center, the seed of confidence, courage and willpower
  • learn to embody your truth and authenticity
  • have more fun, do what brings you joy, and manifest the life you want to live!
In support of your expression, you will be given:
  • embodiment practices
  • creative art exercises
Is this something you’ve been calling in? Are you ready to Ground Your Creativity – trust yourself & share your gifts? If your answer is YES, text 702-884-8671 to book your complimentary Skype date. 

I’m so excited to hear from you! 

With Love, 
Sat Amrit K. 

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