ART + KUNDALINI YOGA at the Jumpsuit Family Gathering, Taos NM, September 7, 2018

ART & KUNDALINI YOGA: a creative workshop to reclaim your body and mind.

If you choose to come along on this journey you’ll move through a practice of self awareness, uncovering and releasing emotions and thoughts, and arrive at your Sat Nam (a true expression of self).

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness; when communed with art, these two pillars serve the highest potential of the individual to connect with their intuitive knowing, heart center, and soul’s wisdom. The practice of art and kundalini yoga literally act as a bridge between the known and the unknown, merging the finite and the infinite.

More specifically, we can understand this workshop as a journey because we will begin at one point in our consciousness and arrive at another. It may be as subtle or as dramatic as you allow. By becoming aware of our body and sensations, thoughts and feelings, we open ourselves to a new sense of intelligence. Going beyond the mind’s analysis, we simply observe and allow. We practice letting go of judgement or pre-conceived notions. We learn to acknowledge repressed energy and direct it in a conscious, creative, and healthy way. By doing so, that which once held us back in fear, doubt, or insecurity, now becomes a source of power and inspiration. We may realize that our vulnerabilities, in fact, deliver us to our truth.

In this workshop we will work with inner anger, something we all have whether we admit it or not. As spoken by Yogi Bhajan, anger can burn down your house or cook your food. We will use the technology of Kundalini Yoga to balance our third chakra, the energy center where anger resides. By tapping into this reservoir of energy, we channel it to serve us with creative intention rather it being a destructive force.

We’ll use art as the modality to express our anger. Crayons and paper will be provided. It is in this moment that you may reconnect with your child-like spirit. Art in its nature is playful, curious, and filled with wonder. Here, we remember our innocence and receive what is possible.

This is a healing process. No experience is necessary.

An open mind, open heart, and commitment to self is gratefully honored.

Tickets for the Jumpsuit Family Gathering here.

Featured art by Georgia O’Keeffe

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