Medicine Wheel: A 5Rhythms Experience

Take your turn around the Medicine Wheel… she said. We danced under the Full Moon in Libra, threw our hands up and rejoiced to the beat of resurrection. Learning to trust ourselves means learning to trust our feet on the earth. Attuning, listening to the sounds of mother – flowing. Embracing the fiery focus and masculine heart of father – staccato. Surrendering to the storm so we may discover the source of creativity – chaos. Growing, maturing, arriving to Self, expansion – lyrical. Where it all begins and ends, ends and begins, the middle, ending, beginning, middle, beginning, ending, middle – stillness.

Each of the 5 Rhythms beholds their sacred medicine, yet within one the others are also present. When reflecting upon consciousness, all is inclusive, none is separate. As we dance the path—also known as maps to visionary and creator of 5Ryhthms, Gabrielle Roth— this becomes more apparent. Inherently our movements are non-linear; in truth, they spiral endlessly. Every breath deepens your awareness, which brings to life the spider-like threads we weave together. Connection. Macro & Micro. No matter where you are, what you are experiencing, thinking, feeling, or not, you show up.

You show up for your insecurities, doubts, fears, frustrations, pains and prayers. Whether you’d like to be seen or unseen, feeling open or closed, the extrovert or introvert… the power lies in recognizing how that energy wants expresses itself. Action or inertia, there is always energy in motion. The practice embodies the skill to go from doing to being. Allow the dance to move you. Allow Spirit to move through you.

This way of being is foreign to most of us. Sooner or later, you’re stripped of your expectations. Sooner or later, you realize they never existed. It was your own defense mechanism to protect your heart. Vulnerability is scary. It’s also the antidote. I’ve chosen to reclaim the medicine of vulnerability, which I proudly carry.

5Rhythms asks: Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit? I’ve understood this to mean, can I continuously show up, surrender, and fall into my perceived limitations? What I experience and learn on the dance floor translates into my daily life. The more I can simply move with life’s ebb and flow, the more I soften, the deeper my connection to self and the world around me. I become the movement.

The body is a tool for prayer; it’s a vessel for conversations with the Divine, if we listen. Every dance is a ceremony. When we gather for class the walls transform into our temple. We sacrificially give of our selves. Creative expression is our devotion. It’s a love affair without condition. It’s a lifestyle, a way of being.

Thank you to Amber Ryan, Chloe Goodwin, and the Sante Fe 5Rhythms community for your love and support.

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