In Reverence of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018

So many deep and powerful prayers were shared this past week in celebration of all women across every generation and border. No sort of division kept us from honoring the feminine embodiment and expression here on Mother Earth. We could see beyond the surface and stand in solidarity with one another. I witnessed women around the world share their voice and story, command their space, reclaim their experience, and be the example for others to do the same. Time stood still as sisters of every age opened their hearts to the creative infinite source that binds us together. To all who said yes to love, which uplifts and elevates, thank you. May we be inspired to make this choice everyday. In service and gratitude, I share this love letter:

Dear Sister & Women of the World,

I see you. You are the single most important, divinely created image of God and Goddess, Creator and Creatress, Shiva and Shakti, Heart and Soul, Mind and Body… There is none more or less than you. Together may we feel the encapsulating comfort, grace and ease of the fullest expression of unconditional love. A love beyond feeling, a love which exists in every people, place and thing. This essence of love is the pure reflection of who you are. It is without doubt. The illusion of separation is dispelled because you now know Truth. This love is the power that allows us to confront our fears, in the eye of darkness, deep within our own wombs, we consciously choose to show up – for this act is our salvation. Here lies the memory of our innocence, our place of birth, and the home where we will return. 

I will be there when you fall, feeling helpless and alone, lost or confused. I will look into your eyes and tell you everything is going to be ok. I will dance naked with you under the moon as we howl baring our souls to the world. I will celebrate your accomplishments and tell you when you’re not honoring your highest self. When we disagree, I will listen with respect. I will remind you to laugh when things get too serious and join you for a swing on the playground. I’ll bring you flowers unexpectedly. I’ll watch Sex and the City with you. I will hold you. I will pray with you. Thank you for doing the same for me.

Our connection runs lifetimes deep. Together we will carry the water, sing to the stars, give our blood to the Earth, breathe and beat as one, communing for the betterment of all life and consciousness.

We can walk through the fire together, allow it to burn away what no longer serves us and ignite our collective visions. The very essence of who we are as Queens permeates all realms of existence — we are the harmony and peace we desire.

I love you.

Celebrating you,

Sat Amrit Kaur, Ashley Sun

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