The Gift of Mystery

A great teacher for me lately has been uncertainty, mystery, the unknown…

As the universe wills, there are often signs or synchronicity that point to the lesson at hand. We are fortunate if we catch on. I recently heard that 70 percent of our experience exists within the nameless time and space. Consider how frequently we are gripping to life, dragging our heels in the ground to maintain our sense of comfort (control). We create deep tension that only continues to build until we acknowledge our desire for change. And only then is up to us to actually follow through and commit to something new. Scary.

The risk lies in what we cannot know. Yet, our Now is being weighed down by past hurt, experiences, lineages of karma, and centuries of societal pressure. For me, what it means to let go of the past has taken on a new understanding. I feel empowered to honor and thank my past for the strength and character I’ve developed. I feel empowered to constantly recommit to what is, presence — here all possibility reigns. Here is our opportunity to interface with mystery.

It may feel uncomfortable like the first time you learn to dance or meet someone new. Our default is to follow the “script,” the story of how we think we “should” behave. All of which stems from past experience. However, in the mystery, we have all the time and space to create differently, which naturally may feel uncomfortable. Its vast, expansive, open, untethered, everything and nothing. It’s our infinity. It’s our soul. To offer a new perspective, we can recognize feelings of uncertainty or insecurity as aliveness. We can give thanks for our precious human ability to feel, be present and aware.

Tools like yoga, breathing techniques, affirmations, EFT, journaling, or nature can soothe and facilitate our integration and management of the unknown. It is essential to give our selves time for self care and self love, moments of quiet and stillness. We can exercise control in a healthy manner by carving out time for ourselves and sticking with it.

May we continue to show up for ourselves, our families and communities.

May we have the courage and confidence to fall into the unknown.

May we trust in our greatness.

In Grace & Gratitude,

Ashley, Sat Amrit Kaur

Please reach out with your questions, insights, or personal shares. I look forward to connecting!

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