Nature’s Balance: Sahej & Tapa, Heart & Mind

Spirit, Guru, God, Source, whatever the title, comes in infinite number of creative expressions. Whether I am practicing yoga, Sikhism, a native American ritual, or my own intuitive guidance, the most vital element is my own personal connection to “thatSat Nam, true essence.

The magnificence lies within our potential to express our loving devotion. The form or discipline of the lifestyle/ tradition/ practice exists so we may establish clear and safe boundaries. Only then, can the Shakti (creative flow) arise.

A teacher beautifully explained to me the balance of Sahaj and Tapa. Sahaj being the harmony, flow, feminine; Tapa the discipline, structure, masculine.

Personally, I am committed to the integral balance of these two because fundamentally they support one another. Sometimes I get caught up in the Tapa, which I have associated with the mind’s energy, focused on doing. Now, my challenge is to lighten up and “float.” This feels more heart-centered, simply being.

No matter the situation, I am that expression of Sat Nam, an expression of Truth; I am an instrument of love at the will of the Divine. I am empowered by awareness, authenticity, and integrity of all that I am.

Obey. Serve. Love. Excel.

As Yogi Bhajan taught, first we must abide by nature’s laws, then we can serve.

Instead of swimming up stream this fish is gonna float!

~ ~  ~ However we flow, may it be in the direction of only that which serves our highest self. ~ ~ ~

Gratefully Inspired, 

Sat Amrit Kaur, Ashley Sun


P.S. Enjoy the photos of Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. Nearly 7 million years ago a volcano erupted and these sedimentary rock formations are the result of the ash and debris. In addition, wind and water erosion gave them their unique shape. Nature is constantly changing form. What a brilliant teacher Mother Earth is!


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