As a teacher and healer, an important element of my practice is to communicate the co-creation of our experience, and/or more specifically the healing process at hand. While I actively serve as the conduit for healing, teaching, or wisdom to come through, there is a multi-faceted orderly system at work to maintain our total wellbeing, speaking both individually and collectively. Personally, I only work in collaboration with this multi-faceted orderly system, in which, I acknowledge the many aspects of energy, consciousness, Being, dimensions of time and space and all that is unknown and unnamed. More so, my direct healing practice is strongly led by intuitive guidance with support of angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, teachers, gurus, devas, elemental and mineral beings.

Complete transparency is of the utmost value and essential when facilitating healing. In this regard, I share with all my clients that we work as a team with tools and invite the guidance of all benevolent aspects and beings listed above. There is a moment of refinement when one accepts responsibility for their healing, consciously evoking the change they desire. At this turning point, which can be viewed as a vow of commitment, the most powerful component becomes awareness. Furthermore, the will of the individual is the driving force behind the healing process.

My purpose is to empower the human and blow on the burning spiritual essence. In fact, one’s true essence is always present; however for a number of reasons we become distracted and lose touch with this part of ourselves. I use the analogy of a jumping a car: all the parts are there, I simply act as the cable that reignites the engine. In my terms, I help to guide your remembrance, the connection to your intuitive nature, and bring you back into your (naval) center.

Using my skills I am inspired to offer people a space where we can creatively celebrate our healing journey. Although, at times, it can be heavy, dark, and you may feel extreme vulnerability, together we honor the willingness to go there. By incorporating ritual, or rather a form of expression that represents what is being released/called in, we make true, clearly communicate, and define our action (contribution) to the multi-faceted orderly system. Simply put, we take responsibility for circumstances in our reality to usher change. We acknowledge our power to co-create our healthiest and happiest lives, aligning to the frequency of our sacred-heart desires.

A humbling realization is to understand our experience is completely interdependent since the very spark of conception. It is our own decision to be open and receive sustainable support, in comparison to struggling/ figuring it out on our own (an attachment to pride). Let us put down the guard, soften, and invite wonder and play back into our lives. Without judgment or analyzation, we can simply allow the sum (inclusion of every thought, emotion, action, event, circumstance, etc.) of our experience to be. We learn to be with ourselves to literally hold space for our experience.

More About Creative Healing Ceremony

Sacred Investment: $175

Upon your arrival to the sacred space:

(1) First, we get clear. This time is devoted to conversation to allow any and all fears, vulnerabilities, and resistances to be expressed.

(2) Second, time is dedicated to focusing on specific areas of the mental, emotional, or physical bodies that are ready to be cleared. Here I will use tools and intuitive guidance as needed.

(3) You express your commitment to change. One or more of the rituals listed (or perhaps not yet listed) serve as the vessel for you to imprint your intention. The vessel forever holds the vibration of your sacred intention and thus, is allowed and released to be manifested.

Rituals (to Inspire Radical Self Expression) May Include…

  • Guided art exercise
  • Utilizing the sacred elements of earth, fire, water, or air
  • Mantra
  • Sound Healing
  • Herbs and/or essential oils
  • Writing poem or prayer
  • Dance, movement
  • Flower mandala creation
  • Stringing bead jewelry
  • Tea or Cacao ceremony

I am deeply grateful to share with you and excited to connect. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Go here to book your Creative Healing Ceremony.

In Loving Grace & Gratitude, may you honor and uplift yourself, express your greatest truth, feel and love with your whole heart. I am here for you. 

“The light of the age of Aquarius has arrived. Change your habits to harmony with the planet. Be bountiful, blissful, and beautiful, now and forever.” ~ Y.B.

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