Las Vegas Hosts Master Yogi Amandeep Singh

It is lifetime’s of waiting to be in the presence of a master. I had the privilege of practicing with Yogi Amandeep Singh at Sat Nam Fest, Joshua Tree 2017. While the experience was profound and elevating, the mere transmission of wisdom and teaching served my soul in the way a disciple dreams to receive. I thought, this may be the way the first students of Yogi Bhajan felt. A teacher of such radical caliber, penetrating my being with potent intention and directness. I was shaken to my core, reminded of my truth as yoga is designed to do.

The sweetness of Guru shined as Yogi Amandeep Singh made himself available in the most personable of ways. After his first class I experienced a sense of star-struck. I had no words, yet was eager to be close to him. He asked my name, put out his hands, and embraced me. Towards the end of the weekend one morning I saw him sitting with my dear teacher and friend. Thankfully grounded, I found my words of gratitude I had wanted to express.

The unknown and unseen, inner workings, and complexity that makes possible for deliverance of a message is an astonishing art and gift. Yogi Amandeep Singh is the vessel for such magnificence.

With humble honor Las Vegas is blessed to host Yogi Amandeep Singh July 5 & 6 at RYK Yoga & Meditation Center. Workshop RSVP here:

The Voice In My Head Is Not Me

The Art of Letting Go

Master Teacher, Yogi Amandeep Singh M.Sc(Aust), MA(UK), B.Sc Hons(UK) is a counsellor by profession and an accomplished yogi, having studied in depth many yogic traditions in India. He is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a scholar with Kundalini Research Institute (USA), Healer, Mystic & a teacher of Eastern Spirituality. He is a leading authority on philosophy & history of ancient yogic traditions.

He combines psycho-spiritual techniques with modern developments in the field of emotional and psychological transformation. He brings great depth, accuracy, joy and spontaneity to his teaching. Being inspired by Yogi Bhajan, his master, he travels around the world sharing transforming wisdom.

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