Some Words about Abundance…

For the last few years I have been working different jobs or gigs with little sense of stability wondering how I am going to pay my bills. This story is nothing new. Many people have succumb to this tale of disempowerment, which, in my opinion and experience, reflects a feeling of “I am not enough.”

It is a pattern I became aware of and have actively been working to change. I do what I can on my own (i.e. meditation, affirmations, practical budgeting), and recently I invested in a healer to offer a different perspective and help move energy. While I can look back, acknowledge, and celebrate the great strides I have overcome, it is still a daily challenge to uplift myself from the cycle of perpetuating “lack” consciousness.

Insights that have personally helped me:

  1. When I feel anxious about spending money I check in with myself and breathe to come back to my center, affirming I am a conscious Being and Divinely guided. All my choices serve my best and highest self.
  2. When calling in abundance it is important to work with what you have in the moment. And BE GRATEFUL! Often we are focused on receiving externally and overlook what may be right under our noses. Utilizing and getting CREATIVE with your resources is the best way to communicate to the Universe you are ready to receive more of what serves your happiness.
  3. Breathing into the space we create for ourselves is key! Although being proactive is essential, there is also a moment or shift when it becomes more important to be still and allow yourself to receive. Overexerting energy will only cause more friction. Breathe and give space for the abundance to come in.
  4. Remember: consciousness wants to play and you are the vessel for the wonder, imagination, excitement, and miracles. Our experience is simply an expression of Divine creativity.

Each opportunity to practice directing my awareness or consciousness offers empowerment. I am choosing to see from a higher point of view, which is completely inclusive of all aspects of my being. I trust in the love and nourishment that I give to and receive from myself. I set healthy boundaries and balance according to Mother Nature, no longer dependent upon others. In this way, I am the authority and create the stability that supports the integration of my total experience.

I trust in the natural awakening of all beings. May we celebrate our individual expressions and recognize our already existent union with the Divine.   

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