What Is Consciousness?— I AM THAT!

It came to me today while meditating, focused on my root chakra, and feeling the earth and minerals in the lower parts of my body. I felt as a rock: strong, grounded, and immovable.

The thought sequence that followed guided me to a new understanding of the consciousness  held in structures like rocks or mountains. I felt deep appreciation for what these vessels offer as alive beings of pure consciousness. So, as I was feeling into my own container there was no separation. I am that pure consciousness that is, although my structure may look different from the mountains.

I then began to wonder, what is consciousness? Is it energy? Yes. Ok, I need something more tangible. I waited for the answer to come to me.

Moments later, it was simple and clear. Consciousness is awareness.

I have come to know awareness through my own personal experience. It is my individual ability to make known different aspects of my human and spiritual self. Thus, I have the authority to direct consciousness (awareness) to serve my best good. I am the driver of this vehicle (body), which is the container for consciousness.

I thought about how I can honor “distractions,” the moments that I am pulled out of focus. These are sweet opportunities to redirect and recommit to awareness. Simply acknowledging when I am distracted is awareness. I visualized it like a winding road with beautiful scenic stops. Sometimes we involuntarily are distracted like a flat tire, which is a necessary part of the journey; and other times, we decide to make that pit stop and take a breath.

I am grateful to the rocks and all various containers that behold the essence of pure consciousness and Truth- I AM THAT!


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