Tratakam of the Adi Shakti

Excerpt from:

Yogi Bhajan explained that the geometry and dimensions are very specific and meditating on this symbol “releases you from the limitations in the concept and experience of the self. It opens the higher chakras and it gives you equanimity and courage. It is healing and can cure many physical and mental difficulties” (pg. 23, Guru Yoga and The Technology of the Tratakum).

The Adi Shakti symbol was used for over 10,000 years before it was adopted and popularized by the Gurus of the Sikh tradition. It is a universal symbol that projects your mind into a state of expanded knowledge and ecstasy.

In some of the earliest spiritual traditions, a woman would stand on a hill dressed all in white with her arms raised upward in two 60 degree arcs. Her arms, head and spine formed the Adi Shakti symbol. They would meditate on that form and on the sacredness of the primal creative force of the Universe.

Guru Gobind Singh re-created the symbol by laying swords together: a curved sword on each side, a straight sword in the center, and a round circle called a chakra in the middle. The sword represents right judgment, good discrimination and the ability to discern the real from the unreal. As a complete symbol, the central sword is the individual awareness and Kundalini energy. The circle is the Infinite and the inner wholeness that is our nature. The two curved swords are the boundaries of birth and death, and the protection given by right thought in the higher mind. All together they grant Grace and Dignity under the challenges of life.

***When practicing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation it is important to do so with an experienced teacher.

Sat Nam!

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