Vulnerability: the Path to Trusting your Truth

The choice to follow your truth is a vulnerable one. Its a path with many edges and cliffs and sometimes there is nothing more to do than hold your breath, close your eyes, and jump. There is no way to surely predict the future, and yet we hold the reins so tightly in the direction that we want to travel. As I move through life it becomes more obvious these two approaches: jump and possibly risk everything or abide by your own sense of control.

There is much to say about the consciousness that inhabits my 27 year old body and mind. As a woman I am accepting responsibility and receiving the divine wisdom that flows through me. Simultaneously, is the young child who is just beginning to walk on her own two feet.

With each day passing my faith and trust in Spirit deepens as the hymns of my human are shared and shed. In these moments of vulnerability, pain, anger, frustration, confusion, and sadness I digest the medicine that is needed. As the prana pushes through energy blockages I physically experience the sacrament of life and death. It is in this breath, an empowered source of realization, that moves me from helpless to hopeful, from limited to liberated.

Because no longer do I choose to pity my moments of weakness or feed the stories of distress, guilt, and shame. I embody my chaos and utilize its fierce unstoppable force as the means to cut through all stagnant and restricting energy. It is purely my devotion, a commitment to radical self love, that provides me with the strength to be honest with myself.

This work does not simply exist within the light and etheric realms of Spirit. This work is also about getting down with the deep roots of your shadow. It takes great courage to acknowledge your trauma and offer nourishment to that part of your self. The healing comes when you have learned from that story (experience), release it from your sacred space, and offer your gratitude for the blessing it has bestowed upon you.

I deliver this message as a prayer to inspire a good look in the mirror. May the thoughts and emotions cycling within you gain so much momentum that you release the reins and jump into the billowing ocean of vulnerability. It is your trust that will keep you afloat.

In sweet surrender,

Sat Amrit

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