This is my WHY.

Why: for what reason or purpose; (with reference to a reason) on account of which; for which; expressing surprise or indignation; used to add emphasis to a response; a reason or explanation.

This word, although 3 letters, possesses the magnitude of infinity. It is a word I have obsessed over and a word I have, at times, dispelled from my logical mind. I feel resistance towards this word and yet, it has brought my greatest liberation.

My conscious mind has spent much time wanting more, always feeling like I was searching for something. I have wondered if I will ever feel satisfied.

This yearning is the very motivation that fulfills me. It is my desire to know, or experience, my soul and live my dreams. This is my WHY.

I am sharing with you because I have been lost, confused, utterly defeated, hopeless, helpless, crying alone, moments of simply wanting to quit. By acknowledging these aspects of myself, I have learned to accept more of me, all that I am, a cultivation of self love.

So, yes, as the most conscious-capable earthly creatures, us humans have to move through the muddy waters to be made aware of our entire being. From these depths, truly we blossom and realize our most authentic, exuberant, and infinite self.

My WHY is passionate about experiencing life to its fullest. It is inspired by heart-centered human connection and communication. It is excited by taking risks, pushing personal boundaries, and learning to be comfortable in the most uncomfortable of situations. My WHY faces fears and dares to have the courage to be its truest form of expression.

My WHY cultivates a balance between discipline and compassion.

My WHY celebrates both my human and spiritual experience.

My WHY offers no one way, except the way of the heart.

In its purity lies intention and inspiration. It is the essence of embodying I AM and the freedom of being.

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