ABOUT: Sat Amrit Kaur

Sat Amrit Kaur, born Ashley Christine Hardy, is native to Las Vegas whose family lineage includes Syrian, Italian, Irish, and Native American roots. Sat Amrit honors her home as a unique place of spiritual transformation. Personally, she respects the raw and hidden beauty of the desert palette and mountainous horizon which has sustained and inspired her vision.

Sat Amrit is committed to optimum-health-consciousness for the greatest good of all people and our planet. She is dedicated to encouraging a practice of self love. As a student and teacher of yoga, most recently a proud graduate from Las Vegas’ first ever Kundalini Yoga teacher training at RYK, she is devoted to sharing the traditional teachings of yoga, as well as the practical lifestyle. Complimentary, her heart’s desire and artistic passion resides in promoting creative self expression. In these ways, it is her understanding that we can appreciate and enjoy the process of remembering our true self.

Having received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and studying abroad in France, Sat Amrit’s zest for life comes from knowledge and travel. She is moved by human compassion and connection, affirming that it is our vulnerability that empowers us, both individually and collectively.

Simply put, Sat Amrit lives with purpose to be courageous, free, and happy.

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